Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover Before and After 

My latest project is one that I'd been thinking about all year, along with a million other projects. I have two daughters, twins, that recently moved out after finishing college. The rooms are now empty and are in need of a little sprucing up. Both rooms also share a bathroom that will also get a little facelift soon.

I was recently inspired by several pillows that I stumbled across and thought they would be the perfect color palette for both rooms.

Since we never use these rooms I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a room that was only going to be used when my daughters were home. A little paint, bedding, and a few accessories were the perfect solution.

Before- Room #1

tile master.jpg

For this room, I kept the existing paint that I thought worked well with the new color palette, Ralph Lauren, Normandy, satin finish.


This room is still a work in progress but for now it’s bright and fresh. The quilt was something I picked up a Homegoods on a recent find. The bed I purchased years ago that I had stored up in the attic; I might end up replacing it with something more grown up. Haven’t decided what I will put above bed, that will be something to search for down the road.

Before Room #2

In this room I painted the walls Winds Breath by Benjamin Moore, replaced the curtains and positioned the bed in front of the window.


The side table was original to the room, gift from grandparents, so we used it to add a little variety to the room. I’m still not sold on the beds for both rooms; I think they might be a little young for purpose of the space so those might get replaced eventually. The curtains are white sheer panels; no longer available.

In the window nook we added white storage boxes on the shelves and painted them three different colors of blue and tagged them with their contents. This is a great way to keep all those little things contained that can make shelves look cluttered. We kept the quilt to use as a cover, replaced the pillows, (throw pillows; Homegoods find), and removed the window treatment. This room is still a work in progress but for now it was a nice refresh.

Note: The boxes were painted with Behr Marquee one-coat flat interior paint; bottom row, Undersea, Middle row, Half Sea Fog & Blue Print. The tags are painted Sand Dance. Blush throw, existing item.

Color Palette

Color Palette

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