What type of projects/clients do you work with?

We look for clients that value the design process and the experience we can provide. We love working with clients that are decisive and are ready to move forward. Trust is an essential part of the client/designer relationship. We work hard to be as transparent as possible to ensure your trust in the design process.

I’ve never worked with an interior designer before. What can I expect?

We try our best to make the process fun and as seamless as possible for our clients. Selecting furniture and finishings can we overwhelming, so we narrow down options and make decisions together. 

It's essential that both the designer and client share the same or similar design aesthetic to ensure a positive experience. Our style is a combination of clean lines, light walls, mixed materials, and layers of texture. We mix elements from different price points and old with new. We think every room needs a splurge item that elevates the design.

How long does a project take?

Based on the scope of work, the average project typically will take 3-4 months. There are a few things to take into consideration that will affect the project timeline; the quicker you move, the faster we move; prompt email responses and swift decision on selections, all lead to a shorter timeframe.

The lead time on furniture can take as long as 4 months, depending on back-ordering and customization.

From your initial inquiry to our first meeting can take 1-2 weeks to schedule.

We do not take on projects that have short lead times due to the factors listed above.

How does pricing work?

All projects start with an onsite consultation that lasts up to 90-minutes at $250, which is paid before the consultation.

Each project is unique, and we need to understand the scope of work before we can quote our design fee accurately. We charge a fixed rate on projects based on the work scope discussed at the consultation. Once we have all the information, we will evaluate the scope of work and estimate how much time it will take to complete the project. Many factors need to be considered, such as contractor/subcontractors, custom millwork, square footage, furniture needs, and the location of the project, to name a few.

What happens during an onsite consultation?

We start by touring the home and making a list of wants and needs. From there, we talk about space planning and determine if changes need to be made based on your current lifestyle. Are we keeping existing furniture? We take note of what stays and what will go. We then sit down and go over the project, budget, and timeline. 

You'll come away with valuable feedback followed up with an outline of the consultation and a detailed proposal.

Will you work with my budget?

We do our best to work with budgets, regardless of the size. It's our job to ensure you understand what is realistic within your budget.

After the design consultation, we can customize our design services that best fits your needs as well as budget. If you're not sure what your budget is, we can help you with that during the consultation.

Keep in mind, our design fee is separate from material cost.

What makes a project successful?

Probably most important, your trust. Giving us your trust is the best way to a successful project. We try our best to be as transparent as possible to earn your trust. 

Trust in the process, communicate your needs, be available to make decisions, respond to all communications, and share inspirational images. We try our best to keep projects on time and budget, but sometimes things come up that are out of our control so, expect the unexpected. Remember that you hired us for a reason, so let's create a beautiful space.